Creating a blended learning environment by combining mobile technology and Augmented Reality that motivates students to learn, engage, and share knowledge on academic integrity and ethics.

透過移動通訊設備,結合最新發展的「增强現實」(Augmented Reality)軟件,將學術誠信的各種問題帶入學生的現實生活中,讓學生可以隨時隨地就相關問題作出思考及討論。

Information about Trails of Integrity & Ethics.

Passing The Torch (AY2017/2018) – from values of business ethics and goverence to actions project 2018.

TIE-General on U-Life Orientation Workshop on 2 Sep

Listen to Dr Eva Wong about the project overview.

Listen to HKBU & EdUHK educators’ view on mobile learning with Augmented Reality.

Listen to HKBU students share their experience on the learning trail.
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